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Child Support Liberation
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Terms and Conditions


Scope of Service

For clients who registered for document preparation and court preparation


Client hires Child Support Liberation, Inc. to provide expert document preparation and court hearing preparation services in connection with client’s family support matters. 


Client agrees to pay $395.00 as a flat fee that covers four (4) months of service This fee does not include court fees or court filing service fee. 


Child Support Liberation, Inc. agrees to provide document preparation and, if applicable, court hearing preparation in pursuit of successfull resolution of client’s legal matter.  If requested, Child Support Liberation Inc. will also provide an attorney to represent client at court hearings for an additional appearance fee. 


Statements made to client are not to be construed as a promise or guarantee to produce a certain outcome regarding client’s matter.  Child Support Liberation, Inc. makes no such representations, promises, or guarantees.


All payments made to Child Support Liberation, Inc. for document preparation and In Pro Per preparation represent time spent and expertise applied toward client’s case and are not refundable.
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