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Child Support Audits
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Don't Overpay - Child Support Audits
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Fathers, do not pay more back child support (arrears) than you owe.  Subscribe to Child Support Audits and Record Management Program (CSARMP) for protection against over-stated arrears.


Child support and spousal support arrears is a major problem in the U.S.  If you are a father attempting to challenge arrears, you must produce accurate records of what has been ordered and what has been paid, including proper interest where applicable (you cannot rely on the enforcement agency to keep accurate records).  Without an accurate audit, you will likely fail in your pursuit of relief.


Many fathers who have consistently paid support but failed to retain proof of such payments are not given credit.  As a result, those fathers must pay twice for what they are legally obligated to pay only once.  The burden of proving compliance with court ordered support falls on the obligor, not the other parent or the enforcement agencies.  Therefore, fathers whom need child support help must act responsibly and maintain accurate records, or hire a trusted ally.  CSARMP is a trusted ally for fatherís rights.


CSARMP will conduct quarterly audits that will alert you to over charges.  In addition, we will maintain ongoing records of obligations, payments, and interest.  This program is so effective, many fathers continue to retain the service until their obligation is zeroed.
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